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Dave from All About termites

fully licensed, insured &
accredited termite management

All about termites was started from owner Dave Oates. Having a dream of starting his own small specialist termite company. That could offer something bigger companies were lacking, quality inspections and treatments where time was not an issue.

Having worked at two of Melbourne’s best specialist’s termite companies as both head termite technician and technical manager I still had a hunger to start my own business so in 2019 I took the leap and three years later the business that I brin in and level of work is very overwhelming. My job is very rewarding and at the same time extremely challenging.

My line of work is very widespread. From treating termites in domestic situations to eliminating termite colonies on piers from my canoe out in the ocean to finding and supplying Melbourne Zoo with termites for some of their endangered frogs and lizards.

22 years dealing with termites, and I still love my job.

custom approach for every job.