Diamond Creek Termite Services

Termite Inspections

At All About Termites we conduct our inspections to Australian standard AS3660-2-2017. We pride ourselves in a very high standard of work and take our time to thoroughly inspect your home from top to bottom, inside to out.

We inspect all areas including full internal of house, roof void, subfloors, external structures and surrounding property.

We use the latest technology, including sounding devices, moisture meters, termatrac radar movement technology, thermal imaging cameras and 20+ years of termite knowledge. So rest assured you are in the very best of hands.

Termite Control + Treatments (Existing Buildings)

At All About Termites we use only the best leading products to gain control and eliminate the termite issue at hand and offer ongoing protection to your home/investment.

We custom design a management plan that best suits yours and your structures needs, we do this as not every structure is the same and every condition is different, so we use a wide variety of products and methods to control your situation.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

At All About Termites we conduct our pre-purchase visual timber pest inspections to AS43493-2010 so you can be assured that your next investment/dream home is safe and sound. We supply a full report outlining all our findings and recommendations in moving forward for your property purchase. 

We work closely in with the real estate agents to make it a smooth process in sometimes a stressful time.

Pre-Construction Treatments

All About Termites is highly specialized in offering termite protection systems to new constructions and extensions. We use only the best products on the market and work in very close with smaller custom builders to form a trusting and respected relationship. 

Most of your protection treatments we use Ensystex Trithor termite sheeting and collars, this particular product is only licensed to a selected number of operators to insure a high level of installation quality. We are always to meet onsite and discuss site and plans.

Termite Baiting + Protection

At All About Termites owner Dave Oates is a specialist at termite baiting and monitoring. Termite baiting is his preferred method as we achieve colony elimination through this process. Termite baiting and monitoring is both safe and environmentally friendly and can be used in wide variety of situations from domestic homes through to childcare centers and even hospitals. 

We still can use the older style of spray treatments if it suits the situation at hand and can still offer years of good protection.

keep your family safe.